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Welcome to the Bow Tie Bear Animation home page. Bow Tie Bear Animation specialise in stop motion animation. The preferred medium for Bow Tie Bear Animation is clay and polymer clay for their stop motion animation figures.

Current stop motion projects include 

  • The mis-adventures of Scuffy The Cat who is forever teasing the dog. Who will get the upper hand?


  • Jupiter Stc-714, a serial sci fi space adventure where the crew encounter space pirates, aliens and other hazards on their journeys.

  • Hendrix the chilling Polar Bear.

  • Drunk Santa.


You can view these Bow Tie Bear Animation videos by going to the relevant project pages where you will be able to access the stop motion animation videos. There, you will also find information on how some of the characters developed from a cartoon into a clay animation figure, and background histories.

We at Bow Tie Bear Animation would love to hear your feedback on any of our stop motion animation videos, so please use the contact page to get in touch.

If you are viewing this site from a mobile device and are unable to view any of the stop motion animation videos by Bow Tie Bear Animation, then try going to either Vimeo and type in Bow Tie Bear Animation or YouTube direct and type in 'bowtiebearanimation' in the search box and click on bowtiebearanimation.



Hello. I'm Scuffy The Cat. I'm made out of clay. Come and see me on my page, and view my stop motion animation. See you there.

I'm Tori. Head of security on Jupiter stc-714. If you want to know about our space adventure, then visit the Jupiter Stc-714 page and view the stop motion animation videos. And that's an order.

Hey man, name's Hendrix. Just chilling in between some weird stuff going on. 
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